How to Be An Anime Encoder

Learn How to Encode Anime 
Make Anime Bigger Size to > Smaller size
Learn Encoding Anime and Join> Team [Tz91]

Learn Encoding Anime and Join> Team [Tz91]

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Remember ! If you wanna be an Anime Encoder you must have a Better PC and good Internet connection.

You Must have At least

  • Core 2 Duo CPU
  • 2 GB Ram 
  • 1 MB net speed

Faster CPU is more better and Faster for Anime Encoding ^_^

Best Result If you Use Iobit System Care / Iobit Game Booster for Make your PC Problem Free and Fast work; )


Hello {(^_^)} I'm Abdullah and I am the Creator of TriZone91

I'd like to Help you to Learn How to Encode anime 

There are many Different Anime encoding Software

So I Selected the Best 3

1. MEgui 

________ 2.Cyko

3. MiniCoder [Minitheatre]

But They Have Both Advantage and Disadvantage
Lets see below

1. MEgui

  • User Interface > Hard to Setup and Using [ Its better for Expert Encoder ] 
  • PC Status While Encoding > BEST ! PC Don't get bogged down while encoding
  • Encoding Speed > Excellent, but also dependent on presets used

2. Cyko

  • User Interface > Easy as Pie !
  • PC Status While Encoding > PC will be slowed as Handbrake CLI takes up a large amount of memory
  • Encoding Speed > Depends on how much memory you have in your PC and the type of core you'll use  

3. MiniCoder

  • User Interface > Easy to Setup , Easy to Use and User Friendly
  • PC Status While Encoding > Good But Sometime PC became Too Slow
  • Encoding Speed >Slower than MEgui and Cyko
  • No more updates as of 2011

I recommend you to use MEgui If you Expert on this... 

For a Beginner Use Cyko [ Recommended ] / Minicoder


MEgui Tutorial

Requiring Files >>

1. MEgui  [ Official ] and MEgui Profile [ Pass > ]
2. Nero AAC [ Use your E-mail to Download Nero aac ]
3. AVISynth

MEGUI 10bit Encoding anime Tutorial  > Click here

Watch the Video Tutorial . Its Worth than Thousand word ; )

Lesson 1 > How to Setup MEgui >> Watch on 720p / 480p to see more Clearly ; )

Lesson 2 > How to Encode a Video >> Watch on 720p / 480p to see more Clearly ; )

Xtra Bonus Video ; ) Fast Tutorial How to Encode Anime

Method 2>> Watch on 720p / 480p to see more Clearly ; )

Megui Encoding tutorial for Nerds :p  

 From Animebb Forum

Megui is the most used encoding tool of x264It can be used to encode MKV, MP4, AVI and M2TS (for Blu-ray devices)Step 1: Download and install (in order) the following software:
Step 2: Install Megui & Avisynth
Step 3: Run Megui
Step 4: It will ask for updates. Update it and extract Nero AAC (all 3 files) in  x:\Program Files\MeGUI\tools\eac3to
Step 5: In MeGUI, select options > setting > External program setting 

add the link of neroaac.exe

Step 6: click on save.

Step 7: Now we will start to encode a file

Step 8: Tools > AVS SCRIPT CREATOR  (Shortcut: CTRL+R)

Step 9: Now we will add video file Using Video Input.
You can click and drag the file you want to convert to that box. 

Step 10: After adding it will give 3 options:
  • One Click Encoder
  • File Index
  • DirectShowSource
Select File indexer for simplification of work.... we will choose file indexer

Step 11: After selecting file indexer, now click on queue 

Step 12: In queue > click on start

Step 13: After that doing that ... it will pop up current position window..........

Step 14: Now we will change the filters in the Aviscript.

As one would have experience with MeGUI, it does not hardsub nor softsub the subtitles for you. For it to do that you must add a plugin in the Aviscript, named VSFilter. Get it here. After downloading it cut and paste it in the ("X:/Program Files/MeGUI/tools/avisynth_plugin") and replace the existing VSFilter.dll

How to add subs

Go here for more information.

Step 15: After that we will click on save

Step 16: Again current position window will pop up.

Step 17: It is safe to close it.

Step 18: We will do audio setting (It is necessary to do once only) (This step is optional). Change the setting to Nero AAC: NDAAC-HE-48kbps

Step 19: After that click on AutoEncode

Step 20: New window will pop up

  • Container : it has option of mp4,mkv & M2TS.... Its up to you what you select.
  • Filesize: By clicking on arrow: in select size we can add output size as per our wish but considering the standards for 400p/480p : 60-80mb & 720p : 90-120mb
  • If you don't like size selection option, we have another option called Average bitrate
  • Average Bitrate : for 400p/480p/360p : 300-350 & 720p : 500-550 & 1080p : 800-900
  • Finally click on queue .

Step 21: After clicking AutoEncode, the settings you entered will be added to the queue and processed automatically.

Step 22: Finally, you video has started to encode............


In case you've updated your MeGUI installation to its newest version along with other components then you're in for a helluva time trying to encode some BD (or even NORMAL) anime.

Worst case scenario: If you just did then there's really nothing you can do about it, since I don't think MeGUI has a update rollback feature. Maybe you can get another copy of MeGUI 2112 from a friend or from a backup (like I did).

How to cope up with the newest MeGUI version
Example: An anime you're trying to encode gets error messages / muted audio or whatever, follow these steps to encode the anime video.

Tool You Will Need: AudioCoder 32- or 64-bit
Install that first before proceeding!

Step 1: After MeGUI extracts the audio from the video (this happens when you make an AVS Script. You'd notice that the audio appeared in the folder where the source video is) drag the audio file to the AudioCoder window and encode it as AAC.

Step 2: On MeGUI, do not click on the AutoEncode button anymore. Instead click on the button that says 'Queue' on the video section of MeGUI.

Step 3: Go to the Queue tab and click Start. It will encode the video using the current x264 setting.

Step 4: After encoding the video open mkvmerge and merge the separately encoded audio and video file. Add subs if you have one.

That's it. Its a drag, but if you don't have a friend who has MeGUI 2112 or a backup of it then you really don't have much of a choice.

UPDATE 2: I stand corrected; there is a MeGUI version 2112 on Sourceforge. Google it a little.


Cyko Tutorial

Download Cyko [ Pass > ]

Cyko (Handbreakcli) Encoding Tutorial For .MKV

  • Cyko is a handbrakecli application which is used to use mini- size anime
  • First Download Cyko 

Step 1 : Add a source Video file by clicking on: ADD SOURCE FILES
Step 2 : click on option tab.
Step 3 : In Rate control select: TARGET BITRATE
Step 4 : In value: 300-350 for 400p/480p High Pixel & 500-550 for 720p High Pixel
Step 5 : Height Pixel : 400/480/720 Example: 720 for 720pixel

What is 480p and 720p  ? 
480p mean SD 60mb Anime Version with 720x480   Resolution 
720p mean HD 90mb Anime Version with 1280x720 Resolution 

Remember If your Source File is 60mb SD(720x480) you should keep the setting as 300-350 Value and 400p/480p High Pixel   . You can't make any Smaller SD Video to Bigger 90mb HD Video . But you can make 90mb HD video to 60mb SD Video ; )

Step 6 : Audio Bitrate: 48-52 for high quality audio Example: 48
Step 7 : After entering all the detail, now click on : SCAN AUDIO TRACKS COUNT                                                 THEN PUT PARAMETERS TO OUTPUTS
Step 8 : After that click on : ENCODE
Step 9 : Encoding has started.
Wait for completion of encoding.


MiniCoder Tutorial 

First Download          >  MiniCoder [ Minitheatre ]
Download NeroAAC > Download [Enter your Em@il and Download ]

    >> Watch on 720p / 780p to see more Clearly ; )

    Minicoder Encoding tutorial (.MKV)

    1. Minicoder is simple tool for encoding video
    2. Step 1 : Download Minicoder 
    3. Step 2 : Setup Minicoder.
    4. Step 3 : Download neroaac 
    5. Step 4 : Extreact it and paste it in x:\Program Files\MiniTheatre\MiniCoder\Tools\BeSweet\
    6. Step 5 : Run minicoder.
    7. Step 6 : To add file click on + symbol:
    8. Step 7 : After adding file, now click on SETTING tab
    9. Step 8 : Red Rounded is the information we need to enter:
      • video bitrate: 300-350 for 400p/480p and 500-550p for 720p
      • If we want to enter size enter instead of bitrate we can use FILE SIZE option
      • Audio Bitrate: should varies between 48-96. For encoding we prefer 48
      • subtitle is used to add watermark ... but we can also add subtitle for adding the sub in the video
      • Filter option: Preprocessing section is used for converting 720p into 480p or lower quality then 720p
    10. Step 9 : Now moving to next tab: OPTION > here we can add output directory or default & we can change the priority of usage of pc
    11. Step 10 : Now we need to encode the video for it, move to INPUT tab > click on START
    12. Step 11 : End ...


    AegiSub Tutorial

    How to add your Own watermark Title Like > Encoded by Ab Abdullah

    Download Aegisub_______________________________

    Download Stylish Fonts _______________________________

    Screen shot of AegiSub

    tutorial for Nerds :P ____________________________________________________

    1.Run Aegisub
    2.Click on Video and open Video
    3.Write your Title Encoded by >> MR x   [ U must add if the video for Tz91 ]
    Keep Eye on the Time box . Set the Title Time Duration  and Click on Commit.

    If you wanna Change the Font Color / Style Go to Menubar . If U don't have any Stylish Font then Download from HERE

    Subtitle > Style manager > Double Click on Default @ Right side . Now Select Font ,color ,size and apply it

    4. After Finishing this above > Go to File and Save subtitle

    Lucky star Animeted gif

    U R NOW an Anime Encoder !

    Confusion  ? ... Feel Free to Ask us ! {(^_^)}

    Rating (^_^)


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